We are a family company present on the prevention and wellness market since 1997 with brands Aloe-beta , Aloeplus and AloeVet .

Over the years we have specialized in the research, processing and creation of products based on Aloe Arborescens, the queen of herbal plants.

What prompted us to devote ourselves to the study and creation of natural products, mainly based on Aloe Arborescens, is the awareness that nature is able to offer us the best remedies and solutions to preserve and improve the health of the skin and that of the ‘body.

Our goal is to offer products that bring real benefits and that are different from those offered by the current market. How?

Through a choice …

The one of NOT use the common Aloe Vera but another variety of Aloe much richer in active ingredients: Aloe Arborescens , a unique plant in nature for the number of active ingredients it contains.

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