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In 2006 we demonstrated the synergistic effect between Carrot and Aloe arborescens, so much so that we were able to obtain the PATENT from the Ministry of Productive Activities as a “Vegetable blend with therapeutic, energetic and cosmetic activities”.

The synergy between Carrot and Aloe arborescens has a greater therapeutic action than the same components taken individually, in practice Aloe enhances its therapeutic action even more if combined with carrot.

This “Therapeutic Blend” then became the basis for all of our products ALOEPLUS ®, which together with the HDR PROCESSING METHOD, make them UNIQUE products on the market.

We work every day with a view to continuous improvement, carrying out experiments both of existing products and of new products for an ever greater satisfaction of our customers.

Unlike our competitors who produce and market not only other types of Aloe, but also herbs and plant substances of various kinds, we are SPECIALIZED only and exclusively in the processing of Aloe Arborescens.


Let’s start from a fixed point and that is that the Aloe plant is unique in nature, due to the quantity of active ingredients it contains.

There are over 250 varieties, but the best known and especially those with the greatest health and medicinal properties are Aloe Ver a (barbadensis) e Aloe Arborescens , therefore the choice essentially boils down to these two varieties.

We have made the choice to use Aloe arborescens . One might think that the characteristics are the same and instead have a different concentration of active ingredients:

Amino acids


Aloe Arborescens 57ppm
Aloe Vera 21ppm


Aloe Arborescens 17ppm
Aloe Vera 14ppm


Aloe Arborescens 21ppm
Aloe Vera 20ppm


Aloe Arborescens 21ppm
Aloe Vera 14ppm


Aloe Arborescens 113ppm
Aloe Vera 17ppm


Aloe Arborescens 20ppm
Aloe Vera 14ppm


Aloe Arborescens 19ppm
Aloe Vera 14ppm



Aloe Arborescens 103ppm
Aloe Vera 12.76ppm


Aloe Arborescens 69ppm
Aloe Vera 6ppm


Aloe Arborescens 287ppm
Aloe Vera 46ppm


Aloe Arborescens 23ppm
Aloe Vera 24ppm


Aloe Arborescens 0.5ppm
Aloe Vera 0.7ppm


Aloe Arborescens 0.40ppm
Aloe Vera 0.08ppm


Aloe Arborescens 0.40ppm
Aloe Vera 0.08ppm

Since it is much more effective, why don’t everyone use Aloe Arborescens and almost all of the products on the market contain Aloe Vera?

The answer is very simple: the lower yield in terms of production makes its cost much higher. The high yield of the leaves and the easy transformation of the pulp into a drinking gel, has made Aloe Vera the most used and known in the world. On the contrary, Aloe arborescens, given the enormous difficulty of processing, which can only be done manually, has been relegated to the background despite being far superior in terms of active ingredients.

We only use Organic Aloe arborescens from Italian crops, which is expertly hand-processed in our laboratories and thanks to our cold processing method, it allows us to obtain an Aloe arborescens extract very rich in active ingredients contained throughout the leaf and beyond. from the internal gel.

The world of this extraordinary plant is so wide, fascinating and full of new things to discover that one life is not enough to know all its secrets and all its potential.

More and more veterinarians in Italy but also abroad rely on the properties of Aloeplus® for the treatment and prevention of diseases that afflict our dear four-legged friends. The therapeutic use of Aloe has now become a permanent part of the remedies present in veterinary environments.

All veterinary medicine studies show great efficacy of Aloe-based therapies, disproving the belief of all those people who attribute the benefits to a psychosomatic effect.

Furthermore, our exclusive HDR Method allows us to cold extract the active ingredients of the entire leaf and not just the entire leaf gel.