HDR ® Method

The HDR method®, is our innovative, effective and tested Aloe processing method, protected by industrial secrecy.

100% guaranteed

He was born sacrificing, in countless attempts, hundreds and hundreds of liters of Aloe.

For years we have been stubborn in finding a method that would allow us to eliminate unwelcome parts and at the same time preserve all the more than 300 pharmaceutical elements present in the entire aloe arborescens leaf and not only in the internal gel.

The cuticle, the outer part of the leaf, contains a huge percentage of active ingredients with anti-inflammatory characteristics. We could not leave this very high therapeutic potential unused.

The study on the method of processing the Aloe arborescens leaf has been going on for a very long time without bringing the desired results.

We really tried them all, we were giving up until, one day during a friendly chat with an inventor friend, an expert in building equipment to make life easier for farmers, without his knowledge, he managed to pull the rabbit out of the cylinder.

He told us about the development of some details for the construction of a new machine that would revolutionize the way of harvesting olives, when at a certain point he made us turn on the light bulb.

The crux of the matter was all there, in a simple move, changing that stage of our manufacturing process would have been the likely turning point.

Although we were discouraged by the hundreds of failed attempts, we decided that trying would not be the end of the world.

What we set out to be the last attempt paid off.

Thanks to that modification we finally managed to obtain an extract of
Aloe arborescens
in liquid form deriving “from the whole leaf”. In practice, a method of cold processing of the plant without the loss of any active ingredient, a method covered by industrial secrecy, and which we have renamed HDR® METHOD.

After identifying the perfect processing method, we had the road paved ahead of us in the realization of numerous formulations to create what are our products today, based on
aloe arborescens and carrot.

HDR Method
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