Cat with Flea Allergy Dermatitis (DAP)

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Species and breed

European cat




6 years


Dr. Cristina Calabria


The Veterinary Clinic “from 0 to 4 legs” – Marigliano (Na)

Pathology found

DAP which resulted in 3 licking injuries located on
flat thigh, shoulder and elbow.

Aloeplus products used and dosage

Aloeplus Dermo spray – 2 daily applications

Aloeplus Classic Oral Paste – 3 ml per day

Other products used


In-depth analysis of the pathology found:

Flea allergy dermatitis (DAP) in cats is an allergic and itchy disease widespread in Italy, due to the hot-humid climate, which can cause intense itching, scratching lesions, hair loss, damp sores with severe skin lesions. Often this pathology manifests itself even in the autumn and winter months, due to the intensification of the spread of fleas and the continuation of its life cycle in the domestic environment. The cause of flea allergy dermatitis is an impaired allergic response of the animal’s immune system to certain components of flea saliva that it releases during the bite. Clinical signs that are usually sudden manifest themselves especially in animals with “few fleas”. In fact, it seems that animals that are very infested and accustomed to living with fleas can develop a sort of “resistance” to the bite.
The most common clinical sign is represented by severe itching especially in the lumbar region, at the hairline of the tail, on the abdomen and on the inner face of the thighs. Due to the intense licking and scratching due to itching, the skin of these areas is strongly inflamed. Secondly, secondary bacterial infections with pus, crusts and alopecia may develop.
Diagnosis is mainly based on the clinical picture although it is not always possible to find fleas. Easier is the finding of flea droppings that appear as small black dots.

Let’s read the report of Dr. Calabria on this clinical case:

Detailed report


Mila is a European cat who goes on a commercial diet and lives with other cats. She was taken to visit on February 16 due to three licking injuries localized on the left thigh plate, shoulder and elbow. The owner initially indicated as a cause, the use of sanitizing wipes; these wipes had been used for the first time but do not rub all over the body. Antiparasitic prophylaxis is not respected.

Following E.O.G. in the norm, I performed Trichogram negative result and scotch test positive result for flea feces.

On the basis of the dermatological examination I issued a diagnosis of DAP and proceeded to therapy with Aloeplus Dermo Spray and Oral Paste.

After 5 days, a follow-up visit was carried out in which it was found that the lesions of the thigh plate were no longer erythematous but only halopecic.

On March 31, following a last visit, the cat was declared clinically cured; the generalized itching was controlled, so the skin of the thigh, shoulder and elbow was intact and the coat thickened.

Attached photographic material:

video interview clinical case


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