Artricur Pet Dogs 11+ KG.


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Artricur Pet is a powerful natural blend for supporting joint metabolism with over 300 active components!!!

Ideal for:

✅ For dogs and cats with osteoarthritis
✅ Puppies predisposed to osteo-articular pathologies
✅ Sports dogs that perform motor activity
✅ Older dogs with reduced motility
✅ Ideal for joint support and flexibility
✅ Well-being of joints and bones
✅ To protect the joint functions of dogs and cats.
✅ To counteract the processes of arthrosis and promote the development of cartilage tissues.





Aloe Arborescens


  • Known antioxidant and anti-aging properties*
  • Remarkable antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties*
  • Specific anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties*
  • Amazing immunostimulating and immunomodulating properties*
  • Unique hypoglycemic properties*


Processing with the HDR® method avoids the problems you have with other processing methods such as:

  • Sterilization (use of high temperatures) destroys a good percentage of active ingredients.
  • Pasteurization (use of medium temperatures) allows a very limited storage (a few days).
  • Mutilating production processes are used, that is, the Aloe extract made only with the internal gel and not with the entire leaf including the cuticle (peel) is taken, in this way a good percentage of active ingredients are destroyed.
  • With the HDR® method, all the beneficial substances with anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-aging, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties are cold extracted, present throughout the leaf and not only in the internal gel.

Perna canaliculus

The pearl extract in addition to the anti-inflammatory action provides glycosaminoglycans and other nutrients (amino acids, essential acids, minerals, etc …) able to improve and prevent alterations of cartilage and connective tissue. Regulates the viscosity of synovial fluid (liquid that is located between the joints, serves as a lubricant).

Black carrot

Thanks to the presence in high quantities of anthocyanins, precious and powerful antioxidants very useful against free radicals, inflammation, circulatory problems, degenerative diseases and contribute to slowing down cellular aging.


It is the most valuable source of vegetable proteins in the world, it is also rich in iron and calcium for this reason it is called super food. It provides a daily dose of strength and energy, which is essential in the rehabilitation phase of the dog and cat.

Devil’s claw

It is defined as the natural anti-inflammatory par excellence. It contains harpagosides, molecules with high pain-relieving and calming properties. It is useful to promote the functionality and well-being of the shoulders, back, cervical, lumbar sacral area.


It is widely used, with excellent results, in the treatment of local inflammations, degenerative disorders of the joints, reduced motor skills, muscle pain, rheumatism, arthrosis.

Red turnip

Contains iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. It has remineralizing and refreshing properties; its consumption is therefore recommended for weakened or convalescent dogs and cats.


Carrot is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, among others. It also contains various minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium and chlorine. A powerful combination of natural elements suitable for strengthening the immune system, fighting cellular oxidation and improving vision.

It prevents the appearance of tartar and therefore promotes the health of the teeth.

For the most nervous animals, the carrot calms anxiety and regulates the nervous system.

It helps to restore the intestinal flora, so it is recommended against diarrhea.

The natural nutritional values of this vegetable are vital for the good health of your 4-legged friend.

Why do they work?

The secret of Aloeplus® artricur pet capsules is in its innovative formulation and in the very high concentration of functional plant extracts. It is very effective because the ingredients present in the Aloeplus® artricur pet capsules perform synergistic action. This means that plant extracts ally with each other giving rise to a final therapeutic effect greater than these components can do on their own.

How to use

Dogs from 11 to 25 kg. 1 capsule per day
Dogs from 26 to 45 kg. 2 capsules per day
Dogs over 45 kg. 3 capsules per day


Pilloliera 60 capsules of 400 mg.


Aloe arborescens, Perna Canaliculus, Black Carrot, Spirulina, Devil’s Claw, Boswellia serrata, Red turnip, Orange carrot

Encapsulation material: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose

Nutritional values:

Vitamin E (32.7 mg/kg), Manganese (36.8 mg/kg)


Analytical components: (values per 100 gr.)

Moisture 7%, Ash 9%, Total Protein 23%, Total Fats 12%, Total Carbohydrates 48%, Sugars 2%, Omega 3 Fatty Acids 16.54%, DHA 3.42%, EPA 5.5%, Manganese 0.04%, Vitamin E 0.03%.


We are so sure that the benefits of Aloe-beta®️ and Aloeplus®️ products will also win you over that we offer you a special guarantee.

Try our products for at least 30 days and if you are not satisfied send us the package, even empty, and we will refund you up to the last penny without asking you any questions!


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Frequently asked questions

Can I give Aloeplus® to my 4-legged friend even if he has no health problems?
  • Certainly, the Aloeplus® line is ideal for treatment but above all for the prevention of various problems and to have your faithful friend always healthy.
What is the difference between syrup, paste or capsules?
  • The only difference is that the capsules do not contain honey, so they are ideal for diabetic subjects. The effectiveness of Aloeplus® is the same for all three formulations, only the mode of administration changes. Is he diabetic? Choose the capsules:

    Aloeplus® Capsules Dogs and cats 0-10 kg.

In what dose should it be administered?

Administer the product at the rate of 1 ml. every 4 kg. by weight, once a day directly orally or by mixing it with food

In Prevention , 2-3 annual cycles lasting 30-60 days are advisable.

In Treatment administer for a minimum of 30 days and/or until healing.

Once opened, should it be stored in the fridge?

Although it is advisable in the warm months, it is not necessary to store the syrup in the refrigerator. The main thing is to keep it in a cool place and protected from direct sunlight.

If the daily dose is 2 or 3 capsules, should they be divided throughout the day?

It is not necessary to divide the dose into several administrations. 2 or 3 capsules can also be given at once.

How long should Aloeplus® capsules be administered?

It is a good rule to do a first phase of 1 or 2 months. At the end of this period you can evaluate the results obtained and decide how to continue. In cycles or even continuously, taking care to take care to take breaks of 4/5 days every 30 days of administration.

Can I open the capsule and mix the contents with the food?

Certainly the capsules can be opened and the contents can also be mixed with food.

How can I get my puppy to take the capsules?

You can “hide” the capsules in a piece of subtlety or wrap them in a little raw ham.

Can I give the capsules together with the Artricur Pet?

Certainly the capsules can be combined with the pet artricur.

Can I give the capsules in addition to the syrup or oral paste?

No. The products of the aloe arborescens line are complementary, so the administration of one excludes that of the other.

Payments and shipments

What are the shipping and delivery times?

The products are prepared and shipped within 24/48 H from the order with express courier that delivers in 1 or 2 working days.

Which couriers do you use?

Shipments are made with GLS or SDA.

Can I pay on delivery?

Of course, you can pay on delivery by choosing the cash on delivery mode at the checkout.

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